5-HTP [50mg]
5-HTP [50mg] Product Code:

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Cinnamon Tablets [2000mg]
Cinnamon Tablets [2000mg] Product Code: CINNB120

Cinnamon Tablets help to regulate blood sugar which make them a great choice of supplement for people suffering from diabetes. As a supplement, it is also credited with several other health benefits including reducing the proliferation of cancer cells, reducing pain linked with arthritis, increasin

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Ginkgo Biloba [400mg]
Ginkgo Biloba [400mg] Product Code: GBB120

Ginkgo Biloba is an extremely effective supplement for mental function. It improves thinking and memory and has been credited with providing enhanced social interaction. Ginkgo Biloba tablets are also commonly used by those suffering from hearing loss.

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Grapeseed Extract [50mg]
Grapeseed Extract [50mg] Product Code: GSEEDB120

Grapeseed supplements are taken mainly for the prevention of skin cancer and high blood pressure. They are also highly effective at improving bone strength, reducing cognitive decline (brain function) and speeding up the wound healing process.

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Siberian Ginseng Tablets [1000mg]
Siberian Ginseng Tablets [1000mg] Product Code: SGB120

Ginseng (and specifically Siberian Ginseng tablets), are commonly used to help mental health. They are used to help combat stress, and also as an aid to the memory, particularly with those suffering from Alzheimer’s. It can also be used to reduce the pain associated with arthritis and helps to s

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Vitamin B complex
Vitamin B complex Product Code: VBCB120

Vitamin B complex tablets are made up of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. The advantages of taking Vitamin B complex as a supplement are many, including easing stress, anxiety and depression, relieve PMS, reducing the risk of Heart Disease, and aiding memory.

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Vitamin B12 Tablets [250mcg]
Vitamin B12 Tablets [250mcg] Product Code: VB12B120

Vitamin B12 is a very popular supplement as a result of its many health benefits. It’s mental health benefits include reducing stress, depression and increasing mental stability. It is also essential for healthy hair and skin, and reduces the risk of Heart Disease. Vitamin B12 is very important

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Vitamin B6 Tablets [50mg]
Vitamin B6 Tablets [50mg] Product Code: VB6B

Vitamin B6 helps the body break down proteins which produces energy. This in turn can help with weight loss which makes Vitamin B6 a useful diet pill. Taking Vitamin B6 tablets also help the brain communicate more effectively with the rest of the body, and can reduce depression and feelings of con

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